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Santa Barbara 100 Day Veteran Homeless Challenge De-Brief.

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

February 6 and 7th wrapped up our role in the Santa Barbara County 100 Day Challege.

Back in August VES was invited to participate in a multi agency drive to end Veteran homlessness in Santa Barbara County. Leaders from Rapid Results Institute, the Salvation Army, Housing and Urban Development, Goodwill, and the Department of Veteran Affairs joined in round table discussions.

The County of Santa Barbara had a total of 75 homeless veterans identified through various means so with ambition we set that as our target. By the end of the challenge we had connected 46 families with affordable housing throughout the county. The remainder are priority as we roll into the the sustainability cohort kicking off in late February 2021.

We were the sole Veteran representation in the entire cohort so we became popular quickly. Working with other individuals we built a working list of property owners and a channel for new individuals to join the vendor pool.

Throughout this event we were able to speak infront of over 100 department heads and elected leaders from Santa Barbara County, Sonoma County and San Francisco.

Questions or contact requests please email me at

Final slide shows the breakdown of our success.

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