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By strategically aligning Veteran-affiliated companies through B2B networking, VES Consulting provides businesses the opportunity to tap into different audiences, widen their reach, and support the Veteran community. The goal of our Community Partnership program is to strengthen and support the veteran business community. By providing agencies direct access to top-notch services from veteran-owned organizations, we not only facilitate the growth and development of veteran-owned business, but their contribution to communities as well.


We start by identifying your business needs then matching you with veteran-owned organizations to establish a strategic partnership. Access to our unique directory of veteran-owned organizations include discounted service rates and unlimited strategic partnerships. Whether you need printing support, volunteers for an event, IT consultation, legal consultation, or are looking to hire a veteran, we are here to support your business needs. Contact us today to become a Community Partner!

"I have seen first-hand the valuable skills veterans gain from military service. Their work ethic, integrity, and leadership is a breath of fresh air to work with. I support veteran-owned businesses every opportunity I can because I know my company will receive quality service!" 

Santa Barbara Business Owner


To register as a Community Partner, please take the time to complete the form below.

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